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One-to-one computer training service tailored to your requirements and learning style.

  • Computer Basics
  • Using the Internet (web surfing & email)
  • Getting started with eBay
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer Maintenance
  • and loads more...

    Learn to use YOUR computer in YOUR home. Tailor your learning to your individual needs, and learn at your own pace, free of distractions. Acquire all the computer skills, knowledge and abilities you'll need to operate your Personal Computer with confidence.

    Don’t get left behind because your family, peers or friends have a greater knowledge of computers than you. Avoid those uncomfortable, intimidating, negative self-conscious feelings normally experienced in group or classroom situations. I can also advise you on your computer purchases and set up new computer systems and accessories.

    After your tutoring appointment I very much consider you a valued client. I will be there for you when you need me, yes, even in times of panic! Depending on the symptoms, I may give you the simple cure over the phone or, if necessary, set up another appointment.

    Appointments are made to work within your busy schedule.
    Conveniently, I come to you, instruct you on your computer, and at your own pace. Whether you would like to learn new programs, manage your files, or utilise the diversity of the windows environment, I can help.


    Give me a call on: 01749 343402







    This site was created for and by © 2007
    This site was created for and by © 2007