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Currently 9 out of 10 customers we see have systems that are infected with viruses, trojans and spyware. There have never been so many computer viruses around and if you connect to the Internet for any reason (not just e-mail), then you will have been exposed to viruses. If you have a correctly configured system, that is kept up to date and runs new generation anti-virus software together with a working Firewall, and you have applied the critical updates specific to your system - then you will be safe from these common threats. We can set your system up to STOP all known virus threats.

Why do I need a PC Health Check?

You will need a PC Health check if:
  • Your PC is slow
  • You have a virus on your PC and don't know how to remove it
  • Your PC crashes frequently
  • You have poor performance
  • You need to determine the state of your PC before you upgrade or replace your PC

What is included in the PC Health check?

The following services and checks are included:
  • Free collection and return
  • Full virus & Spyware scan and removal
  • All available Microsoft Windows Patches and updates
  • Minor tune up
  • Unused file removal and defrag
  • One to one consultation
  • Recommendations based upon requirements and your PC's capabilities

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This site was created for and by © 2007
This site was created for and by © 2007